Hello. I’m Kiril and I juggle between marketing, tech and user experience.

I like to say that I grew up on the web. Thanks to that, I spent my younger years juggling between, learning about, and experimenting with:

One thing kept leading to another.

For a long time, I thought I had wasted my time with all of these things. None of them could keep my interest long enough for me to become an expert.

Every new interest was welcomed with frustration because I knew I would get bored soon.

But, good things usually come out of frustration. Thanks to my continuous search, I found my true calling in project management. I get to solve diverse sets of business problems, while collaborating with experts, always putting the customer experience first.

I get to juggle and am never bored.

Thanks for stopping by!

You can drop me an email here: kiril.hrs (at) gmail.com